Signature High Grade Vacuumflask


Keep drinks at the right temperature for hours with this handy vacuum flask.
It’s great for keeping coffee, tea or any hot beverage hot on commutes/travel.

Double-walled insulated design, with stainless steel casing and virtually unbreakable inner container.
With a dual-purpose easy-pour stopper, an extra-wide neck for ice cubes, and an insulated cap that can be used as a cup.

1 Liter Signature Vacuum Flask

Available in the colors: Blue, Black and Brown

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A strong 1 litre high-quality flask that’s portable and still large enough to satisfy your thirst.
Warm yourself up with a hot drink or soup – wherever you are!
This Master Class stainless steel vacuum flask has a virtually unbreakable inner container, and keeps drinks and soups nice and hot for hours.
This vacuum flask features an outer casing made from the strongest stainless steel. Combined with its durable inner container, it creates an airtight seal that helps prevent heat from escaping. It’s tough enough to withstand all manner of bumps and scrapes in any bag.

Signature High Grade Vacuumflask

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Black, Blue, Brown


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